Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Mag Mother's Day

Another update...
My blood pressures were climbing on Saturday and I began to get a headache. Finally, there seemed to be no improvement an hour after the bp meds, so I paged the doctor to let her know. She said, "back to the hospital". I entered the hospital Saturday around 11pm, and then they started me on a 24-hour round of magnesium sulfate around 2am (Sunday, Mother's Day). This period ended 2am last night (Monday). Blood pressure was stabilized and they sent me home by 9:15am this morning. They are keeping my bp med dose the exact same as I went in with, but have given me another prescription, just in case my blood pressure creeps up again. I can add this second med in if I need to. Today my head is still cloudy and I can't walk a straight line from the magnesium sulfate, but that will clear at some point tonight, I think. I am loosing a lot of the swelling (still waiting for 1 foot to go down in size!) and have lost about 25 lbs since coming home from the hospital the first time.

Georgyana is doing well. Her weight is starting to gain a bit. She had a bath yesterday, and she drank 8cc from a bottle (her feedings mostly come from gavage, but the nurses say she seems very eager to suckle). I was able to pump at the hospital for her and she has a nice size stockpile of breastmilk:)

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melanie said...

Happy Mother's day anyways. :-) I"m glad to hear the pumping is going ok. You're still in my prayers every day. I can't wait to see more pictures of your sweetie.

Don't forget you suffering can be united to Christ's. Offer all of these hard times up for a very important prayer intention.