Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More photos

I took these a few days ago - I think this was before I ended up back at the hospital. This was after sitting together skin-to-skin. Her weight keeps fluctuating - gaining, loosing, gaining, loosing. I'm eager for her to start packing on the pounds!
My weight has dropped about 30 lbs since I came home from the hospital the first time. Today my feet are nice and flat (but the skin is wrinkly from loosing so much weight). Last time, when my blood pressures were rising, I had noticed that my feet had started getting fatter again. This is one of those signs to look for. Weird. Other signs include heartburn and/or headache.


melanie said...

OH she's just so sweet !! Is she not on any oxygen anymore? She's looking very healthy!

Anonymous said...

Well, now we'll all be checking out your feet- you know that right?~

She's a beaut!