Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And yet...another update

I am homeschooling 2 kids, while pumping breastmilk every 3 hours (or at least *trying* to stick to that schedule!), and making daily trips to the hospital (a 45-min drive one way). I am also recovering from a c-section. Phew!!! No wonder I'm tired! Most of the time, I don't think about it. I just do the next thing that needs to be done. I think this keeps me sane and productive. It also keeps me happy and not overwhelmed.

Georgyana is up to 3lbs 1.7 oz. She's in a special care nursery room with a set of twin girls. Georgyana is 33.5 weeks gestation and the twins are 35 weeks gestation. The one twin girl will probably go home this weekend. The twin is in a regular crib, instead of the heated isolette, and doing well. The other twin will be hanging out with Georgyana a little longer. It's amazing to me to think that we are only 1.5-2 weeks away from that 35 week point. It is quite possible that Georgyana might go home in another 2 weeks. Can you imagine having a 35 weeker at home with you? Scary thought!! I think lil' Z went home around the 34-35 week point (she was 29.5 weeks gestation at birth and went home about 35 days later, so whatever that works out to be!) We've attempted breastfeeding once, which involved her teeny tiny mouth chomping experimentally on the end of my nipple (ouch!). After my last experience with Z, I understand preemie breastfeeding better now to know that she probably isn't going to be ready to nurse for awhile. When she gets home, we'll try nursing 1-2 times per day, until I start seeing improvement in latch. Once the latch thing happens, then the next thing that has to happen is developing a strong suck. This seems to take preemies (especially very early, small preemies) a long time to learn. With Z, I was impatient and frustrated; I think I gave up on her too early. I think I will be more patient this time around. I'm hearing stories about preemies that didn't learn to nurse until 1 month, 3 months, and even 9 months!


Lisa said...

Give yourself permission to let something slide, Sarah. It's close enough to the end of the "school year" that you can relax into some summer learning activities. All you need to focus on is recovery and getting little G home and nursing well.

Besides, you're making ME feel like a slacker! LOL

Moment by Moment said...

Hi I found your site becuase you mentioned pre eclampsia hellp syndrome and a premmie baby!
You sound a little like me.
3 years ago I had my daughter at 27 weeks gestation weighing 861grams = 1lb 14ozs due to PE and HELLPS.
Not sure if your aware that babies sometimes don't get their sucking reflex going until around 35 weeks gestation although some do get it a little earlier. I used a dummy with my Daughter Airlie when I pushed the EBM and hoped she got the 'I suck I get a full tummy notion' well she started breastfeeding at 33 weeks and we were home by 35 weeks gestation. When we came home Airlie weigh 3lb 8ozs! That was huge to us after she was born less then 2lbs.

The whole premmie experience is really full on so don't be too hard on yourself. I am sure your big kids are not going to fail the whole year because you give them a few less things to do while all this is going on although giving them something to do actually helps you and them alot by keeping you all busy. Just don't get so busy that you let all this pass you by in a whirl of wind and you just tire yourself out. Its going to be even busier when your precious girl comes home so let a bit of weight off your shoulders now if you can.
I have a premmie forum if you like t join to have a quick chat to other mums of premmie babies the address is we have mums from AUS, USA and UK we maybe at the opposite ends of the world but gosh we do understand one another!
take care
Much love to your precious baby G and Congrats on her arrival. A few weeks in Special Care/ NICU is all worth it in the end believe me x

Moment by Moment said...

I also wanted to ask how your health is? PE and HELLPS is a very dangerous disease and one that can still cause problems after bubs is born so don't forget to take it easy cause your going to be no use to anyone if your not a helthy Mummy.
My PE and HELLPS only effected me around for about 6 weeks then i was off all meds. About 3 to 4 months later all blood tests showed nothing at all!?! It was like if I hadn't told anyone they wouldn't have ever known through the tests? I did have a really hight lupus count and my Mum has a history with Kidney Disease so who knows what maybe in store for me in the future? Have they said you had an underlying issue that caused/ lead to the PE and HELLPS?

Take care
Fee x

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,

Sounds good. Like I said let us know what we can do to help. We love you and want you to relax and enjoy your newest one!