Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekly Review

This was an interesting week...

School on M-W, and an all-day Bible verses study-a-thon in prep for the last day of AWANA. My 8yo finished all of Discovery 8, start to finish, which had to have been about 16 verses, plus other activities. She passed her book with flying colors! The 6yo also passed her book - she had 3 things to memorize plus activities.

Thurs - Bring Your Kid to Work Day. The 8yo spent the day with her dad and I heard it was a very productive and fun day. I had a dr appt, then took the 6yo out to McDs for lunch, and we played some video games together (her idea of a "special day")

Fri - kids opted to clean their room instead of doing schoolwork. Daddy managed this, while I took a trip out, running errands.

The dr appt
I brought my blood pressure cuff to the dr appt, and they decided that my cuff (with the high blood pressure readings) may actually be accurate, whereas they had been using a larger cuff, giving me lower bp readings. Using my cuff, this put me in the hypertensive 140/90 category, eek! To make sure that this isn't pre-eclampsia rearing its ugly head, I had to do a 24 hour urine test, and another blood test. I have another appt on Tues, to double check bp & all that. So far, I feel fine - no headaches. Tomorrow is the 30 week point.

The 8yo did subtracting with renaming in Math. Spelling words covered CVC + ing and CVCe + ing words. She finished 2nd gr English, and will begin 3rd gr English next week. She also completed 3 assignments in Reading. She is finally out of the Bible verses section in her Familiar Quotations copywork.

The 6yo took 2 math tests to finish off her 1st gr Math. She finished her 1st gr Reading books & workbook. She did a lot of matching rhyming words this week in English/Phonics, and some alphabetizing. She completed 3 Handwriting assignments. Spelling words were "-one" words, and some CVCe +ed words. I never did test her on those words...guess I'll do that Monday!


MICHELE said...

Sounds like another good week! I am so happy you're feeling well and thisclose to 30 weeks!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Anonymous said...

30 Weeks! Doing the happy dance! You're getting there. Hopefully, we'll hear good news on Tuesday!


Lisa said...

Glad the week went well and you got a good report!