Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekly Review

History: read 2 1/2 chapters from Story of the World 2. Learned about the Turkish invasion of Constantinople, now called Istanbul (and watched the Tiny Toons movie above). Read about the Black Plague. Science: in Chemistry finished Chapter 5, when Acids & Bases meet. Next week we'll need to do an experiment (I have cabbage juice sitting in the fridge).

3rd Grade:
In Math, the 8yo took the 2nd grade review test (addition/subtraction strategies, solving for n), and started Chapter 2 on place value to 1000. In Reading, I can't remember what she read, LOL. For fun, she finished reading Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy. We combined Handwriting with Familiar Quotations this week, to make time for Typing. We found a winner Typing Program (thanks, Robyn!), Disney Typing - she's doing really well and has passed the home row keys. In Spelling, she learned words with -ight and compound words. In English, she finished the chapter on Predicates. She did fine on the Chapter Review, but two days later, when she took the test, had forgotten most of what she learned. But...the last 3 chapters of BJU material is always an introduction to the next grade level, so I know we'll hit this again when we start 3rd gr English in a few weeks. I chose to move on:)

1st Grade:
In Math, the 6yo did the Supplemental Lessons on Repeated Addition (early multiplication) and did really well with this! She started the chapter on telling time today. In Reading, she finished Reader E, and started Reader F (the last reader for 1st gr). She doubled up on some of her lessons because she loves reading and wants to do more (weird, I know...this is not typical child behavior). Today she read a story from Frog & Toad in her book. She did 4 lessons of Handwriting this week, and her writing is improving. In Spelling, she learned words like brag and bragging. She stumbled a bit on the extra g +ing, but we reviewed the Mrs. Short/Mr. Short & the bad cats rule (it's a silly story, but helps us remember the rule). In English/Phonics, she practiced alphabetical order, syllable division, and to be honest - I'm not keeping up with teaching the phonics part of the lessons from the teacher's guide...I give her the workbook and if she has any trouble sounding out the words, I teach her what sounds those letters make. She catches on to this really fast, and seems to need few reminders. As for alphabetizing, she has trouble with this, so I help her out by writing the alphabet, singing the song, etc.

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Paige said...

Looks like a good week, gotta love cabbage juice, it makes for a good experiment.