Monday, April 20, 2009

The Week Ahead...

29 weeks of pregnancy, as of yesterday. It was the anniversary marker for when I had the severe pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy. So far, I'm feeling pretty good (no pounding headache or stabbing stomach pains).

This week is the LAST WEEK to pass sections for AWANA. We have some catching up to do!! We will spend most of our focus Mon-Tues-Wed on learning verses and completing sections.

The 8yo has 7 sections to pass if she wants to finish her book. Four-five of these sections involve memory verses. Another section involves finding a missionary and asking them questions (so we need to find a missionary in the next 3 days! LOL) Another section involves drawing a picture in the dark, and then drawing the same picture in the light. A few more sections involve researching Bible verses and answering questions.

The 6yo has 3 things to memorize: the AWANA song, a list of rules about being kind to others, and a Bible verse. We also need to find a missionary and give them money (any takers? LOL). I also need a photograph of said missionary. I think she has a coloring page to complete, and then I think that is it.

Library books are due from 2 libraries, so need to make some library trips.

Bring your kid to work day is this Thursday. The 8yo will be going to work with her daddy. I have a dr appt with my tag-along 6yo. I'll make the day special for her: it'll be just a Mommy and Me day.


Lisa said...

David is going on a mission trip this summer. Does that make him a missionary? He's raising funds right now! lol

MICHELE said...

Glad you are feeling well.

And, thank you for the bread...I have 2 packages of hamburger the freezer.

Have a nice week...

~Byn There said...

My friends are missionary pilots in Guatemala. Check out their site you can donate from there. I believe they are on a fundraiser furloug at present. They are amazing people and do fabulous work for the indigenous people of the area.