Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Week Ahead

I am officially 27 weeks along today:) For some reason, 27 weeks feels more real than 26 weeks. 27 weeks feels imminent; 26 weeks still felt like there was lots of time left! My 6yo was born at 29 weeks, so I am 2 weeks away from the point when she would've been born. The first half of the week is very's the plan:

Monday: dentist teeth cleaning appt in the a.m. My husband will work from home & kids will hopefully do their school while I am gone. Then, my husband has a dentist teeth cleaning at 5pm. Hopefully, he gets home by 6:30pm, because then I need to scoot off for our monthly homeschool support meeting (the topic: Favorite Curriculum Night). We also have a Winter Storm Watch (6-10 inches of snow predicted), so all plans are subject to change!

Tuesday: I have my 27 week prenatal checkup with the Glucose blood test (I get to drink that thick syrupy orange pop before the test). In the evening, I am looking at the option of attending a Le Leche League meeting. I haven't decided if I will go yet, but thought it would be a good thing to bring the girls. They haven't been around a lot of babies in the past few years and I think it would be good for them to be around a bunch of babies. Also, I've realized just how much I need to prepare my 6yo for her Big Status Change (from little sis to big sis!) At co-op on Fri, she kept leaving her classes to cling to me, and complaining of headaches and heartburn, LOL.

Wednesday: the dog has a grooming appt. This is a 30 min trip to the groomers (30 mins back), and then another round trip in the afternoon to pick her up. Maybe we'll visit with Grandpa while we're out and about.

Thurs & Fri: low key days, thank goodness! I don't think we have anything planned. We'll probably aim for some good wholesome schoolwork. At some point, I need to ditch the kids and try to do some easter shopping. I hate trying to buy easter basket materials with 2 kids in tow! I'd like it to be a surprise for Sunday morning.

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Lisa said...

Hey Sarah, I was a La Leche League Leader back when my youngest 3 were babies. I'd be glad to go with you to a meeting if that would help. Ann Plummer and her sister Jen were leaders with me! lol That's where I met Maryann when Emily and Gabby were babies.