Friday, April 17, 2009

This week, we worked on the 8yo's Work Ethic, LOL. I've come to the realization that - yes, learning can be fun - but, only if you are willing to put work into it. Ballet dancers love dancing because they put the work into it in order to get those results. Professional ball players, same thing. Scientists, hair dressers, you name have to be willing to put the work into it. Our "love of learning" has been lacking. Lapbooks meet with groans, hands-on manipulatives meet with cries of protest, creative endeavors relating to areas of learning all fail miserably. Why? Because we aren't willing to work. It is an important lesson for us both to learn!

3rd grade:
The amount of work was increased this week. I expected full math pages to be completed. I expected her to do her own writing (instead of narrating to me what I would write for her, and prompting her through it, while gnashing my teeth). On Monday, school lasted from 9am-6pm. We only did basics. She burst into tears many times, and we had many heart-to-heart talks. Tuesday, the kids did school with Daddy while I had my dr appt. School was finished by the time I got home. (I should mention that Daddy is Magic, and inspires a good deal of hard work and good behavior). Wednesday, school lasted from 10-2, with breaks in between, and had a minimum of tears - things are definitely getting better. Thursday, my attentions were torn between prep for co-op, and schooling kids, so it was a disjointed day. However, my 8yo produced a rather nice writing assignment on giraffes. The writing assignment was given on Monday and went through its various stages of editing to reach the final product on Thursday. I should post a photo (but not now, since I'm short on time!)

1st grade:
My 6yo is just 5 stories away from finishing her 1st grade readers. She is also just a week away from finishing her 1st grade math. She has this "math is easy" attitude right now, because she says if she can count then she can do math. And she claims that she can count to 1000 (I haven't tested this knowledge, LOL). I always feel a bit of trepidation when she finishes a grade level, because the next grade level is always such a big step up. But so far, she always seems to rise to the challenge. It's totally a work ethic thing. Now, if I give her something to clean, on the other hand...LOL.

Today was our Last Co-op of the Year. Tonight is our Annual Co-op Night, where we can show off our projects from our co-op classes. The kids are excited about showing Grandpa and Uncle what they've been up to.


Lisa said...

Too bad there isn't a work ethic curriculum. lol -g- We'd buy it!

MICHELE said...

It must of been one of those weeks for everyone, last week. I talked to soooo many people at co-op who had homeschooled well up to 5 or 6 pm. Our week was challenging, as well.
I suppose.

Hope this week is better for all of us...