Monday, April 6, 2009

Change of plans!

Winter weather rolled in late last night and dropped 6-8 inches of snow on us Michiganders. We're all grumbling about this, and taking up our picket signs against mother nature. We've had a particularly long and dreary winter this year, and those 40-50 degree days promised us the beginnings of spring. So, with the Winter Storm Warning continuing on until 8pm tonight, I decided to cancel my dentist appt (I'm not *that* devoted to dental work, ya know), and the support meeting was canceled for tonight. Granted, I've heard the snow melts as soon as it hits the roads. But I didn't know that at 8am this morning when I woke up, looked outside, and groaned to see the countryside completely buried mercilessly under a wall of white. Had I been a little braver, a little bolder, and a little less wearied of winter weather, I might've trudged through the layers of my driveway and found the main roads easy to travel.

Tuesday still has it's doctor appt. I may stop by a friend's house afterward for a movie day.

Wednesday should still have my dog's grooming appt. Although I suspect she is in the beginning stages of being in heat (yuck!) It is probably better for me to get her in to the groomers now before we have to wait the long 3 weeks.

Thursday is the day I rescheduled my dentist appt. I may not have a sitter for the kids. I may take them with me and hope that they don't dismantle the dentist office, annoy the receptionist, and fight like cats and dogs.

Friday is still open for a full day of school. Monday (today) is also a full day of school, which we haven't quite finished with (at 3pm).

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MICHELE said...

The snow sure was beautiful, today! I am glad it's only temporary! We had soooooo many interuptions-- that we didn't finish school until 5 pm. Yowza!