Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly Review

Here's our week!

History: finished reading Castle Diary. Science: to be honest, I kept putting off that trip to the store to buy items for our experiment.

3rd grade:
The 8yo worked through Challenging Word Problems in the back of her 2nd grade Math book, while waiting for the 3rd gr book to arrive. Began 3rd gr math today, review of 2nd gr. addition strategies. In Spelling, she studied oi/oy, ai/ay words. She scored 100% on the spelling test. She did a few pages of her cursive Handwriting workbook. In Reading, she read a story about David Livingston. In English, she learned about subjects and predicates. She finished reading/copying Old Testament quotes from Familiar Quotations and began on the Apocrypha (she reads 1 pg per day & copies 1 quote per day). For reading enjoyment, the 8yo finished reading Howladay Inn, the sequel to Bunnicula, and a pretty long novel to boot! It was almost 200 pages! I'm proud of her for taking this next step up in her reading:)

1st grade:
The 6yo is learning about counting money with quarters in Math. She completed 5 pages of Handwriting. She scored 100% on her Spelling test, with these words: book, look, brook, dress, press, bless, dresses, presses, blesses, said. exercises seemed to help her remember her words. In Reading, she read a story about Johann Sebastien Bach as a child. In English/Phonics, she practiced oi/oy, ou/ow sounds and learned au/aw.

Other: We had nice weather, so spent 2 days out-of-doors. Today we're watching The Sound of Music in preparation for a co-op class. Tomorrow we'll have homeschool co-op classes. The 6yo will be getting a fiddler crab. Tonight (Thurs), the 6yo has AWANA games practice (just for fun). The 8yo has AWANA games practice Fri night after co-op, and then the real official games on Saturday morning. I have book club Saturday night. Busy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Busy is good! Or at least that is how it works here!


Lisa said...

That happens to us in Science sometimes too. We were stuck for weeks for lack of a couple feathers. lol

Karen said...

sounds like you had a great week.

What I do about science projects and such - I don't do them for most of the year. We simply read, go to the science museum, the zoo and on nature walks. But I plan out 2, ten-week science units with experiments. While I am planning, I gather all of the supplies and put each weeks special supplies in labeled zippy bags, all of the general supplies in a bigger bag, and all of it in a box. I then make sure that everything from safety goggles to rubber bands and measuring cups are all together. So mostly we don't do science projects, but when we do, I don't have to look around for them.

Nature studies is my friend.

Laughing Lioness said...

l like your "where we are going post below. I need to do that more intentionally- we just have several more weeks left of the semester! Have a great weekend!