Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Review

Short week! I had a 96 page web site to develop and kept everything else simple. Monday was a full day of school, only because the kids were being stinkers (the 6yo refused to get out of bed and the 8yo threw a screaming crying fit over math, and refused to even look at the page).

History & Science: skipped formal history and science. Kids read the "Strangest Things" books that we borrowed (Birds do the strangest things, Reptiles..., Animals...). Then the kids picked one animal to draw and write about.

3rd Grade:
The 8yo finished her 2nd grade Math book, hooray!! She scored 100% on the test. She has a few challenging word problem pages in the back of her book that we'll probably work on next week while waiting for the new books to arrive (the 3rd gr books are on backorder, unfortunately, so I may be printing stuff off of the internet before long). In English, she finished her descriptive paper. It worked well for her to narrate and I to write. And then each day, she would edit, and I would copy it over anew. On the last day, she had to copy the final piece.

1st Grade:
The 6yo finished the chapter on addition strategies in Math. She also learned about 2 part story problems. One story problem had me stumped, until I finally looked in the teacher's guide and realized that BJU had made a mistake in the workbook. She did several extra Reading lessons, because that is her favorite subject. I insisted on 2 days of English/Phonics, since she's so far ahead in her reading.

After our shortened day of subjects, the kids read books for an hour. This worked out well and gave me time to work on my web design project.


Paige said...

Hope you were able to finish your website, it looks like you still had a good week.

Lisa said...

How much more work do you have to finish? I hope the kids are liking the "Strangest" books!

Laughing Lioness said...

wow. You had a busy week! Hope your week-end is restful and fun = )