Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekly Review

Some of our schoolbooks are ending soon, so I'm scouring the 'net looking at my options. I do want to continue with BJU English, but do I want to invest in that bulky teacher's guide? And do I want to continue the writing portions, or try IEW? Part of me is itching to branch out in a different direction next year (real books! real writing! LOL). But with a brand new infant coming this July, I'm not so sure my spunky homeschooling spirit is going to feel the same way under the pressures of sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and endless nursing sessions. At that point, I may be grabbing the nearest planned-for-me book on the shelf, know what I mean?

Ok, 'nuf said. Here's our week!

Science: studying Acids and Bases (H groups and OH groups). Next week we'll have an experiment involving red cabbage juice;) History: read quite a bit in Castle Diary - learned about Leaches (aka doctors) and blood letting, Castle justice (being jailed and tried for crimes), and Meat (yuck, yuck, yuck!) So glad I don't have to eat blood sausage, their disgusting puddings, or anything else that came from an animal back then. Bleck!

3rd grade:
The 8yo is finishing 2nd gr Math, probably next week. She learned finished her chapter on Division, and started Chapter 19 with More Division. It's basic, picture based division to give them the overall concept (not the grueling from memory kind, which I'm sure will happen in 3rd gr math, ick). In Reading, she read a 4 lesson story, learned about alliteration, and syllable division. On her own, she's reading through Cam Jansen books at bedtime. She reads about 4 chapters per day. In English, we began the 3rd-to-last unit on similies and descriptions. We began writing a paper on an object, using discriptions. She choose her guinea pig to write about. I'm still not sure how to really teach her writing, to be honest. It's been quite a battle. This time around, I opted to write what she says. After we finish drafting and editing this work, I'll have her copy the whole thing over onto nice paper. Of course, I feel like I'm not giving her enough writing this way, and she feels like I'm giving her too much. In Spelling, she got 2 words wrong on her test, but her dictation sentences were perfect. In Handwriting, I've been cutting back on the amount of cursive copying while moving forward because its just so much. I realize other currics have kids copy poems in cursive, but I personally like short, easy handwriting (and I hate to hear all the complaining that goes along with longer writing passages). So there, I'm slacking a bit in the teaching of handwriting and writing.

1st grade:
In Math, the 6yo is reviewing addition strategies and fact families. She is nearing the end of her book (2-3 chapters left?). In Reading, she read a play version of the Gingerbread Man. She wanted to follow the recipe for baking our own, but I kept putting it off, because - who likes the taste of gingerbread anyway? I could envision us making a big batch and then hating the taste. I'd rather make yummy cookies!! She did her obligatory Handwriting lessons. In Spelling, she had a review chapter and got most of the words wrong (LOL), but her dictation sentence was beautiful. I don't take 1st gr spelling for a 6yo very seriously, so we'll just move on. In English/Phonics, she practiced words with ou/ow making the "ou" sound as in house, clown, and now G making the /j/ sound. I've noticed she is a very intuitive reader - she pretty much glances at words like "page" or "gem" and instantly reads them correctly, rather than trying to figure out that g makes the /j/ sound. On the flip side, she's been complaining about her eyes lately, so I may be taking her into a pediatric eye doctor soon. She's been reading some of Cam Jansen at bedtime, but I think this tires her out because it is quite lengthy.

Tomorrow: Homeschool Co-op! We're beginning to make plans for next year's co-op, and I love seeing what classes are on the horizon. The 6yo will be bringing home a tadpole. The 8yo will have AWANA games practice from 6-8pm. It will be a long, tiring day for her!!

Saturday: Halo 3 tournament/Gaming Day with friends. Gosh, I have a lot of cleaning to do!


Lisa said...

IEW is pretty easy to use and very effective, but your girls are still quite young for it.

Laughing Lioness said...

I second IEW but not till 3rd grade = ). I'd love to hear about the co-op classes you decide on...are you a classical co-op or an enrichment co-op? Have a restful week-end = )