Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Week Ahead...

The week ahead doesn't have too much stuff on it, but as we approach April, we get all of our activities revving up in order to come to an end. April is always crazy for that reason.

I've decided not to sign the girls up for homeschool soccer this Spring. Practices run Tues & Saturdays for 6 weeks straight, and happens to coincide with the last month of AWANA and co-op (Weds & Fri's). So we'd be running Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat. Normally, I'd do it, but being 26 weeks pregnant? Nah! I'm hoping we can sign the girls up for 1-week Soccer Camp (usually at the end of July), which would sort of make up for missing homeschool soccer. I think the girls enjoyed the camp more last year than the practices, anyway.

Our week:
Monday: school & library
Tuesday: school
Wednesday: school & AWANA - it's Big Game Night and also we're picking up some friends to go with us. (The 6yo is trying to earn 3 jewels in 3 weeks - phew!!)
Thursday: school
Friday: homeschool co-op classes (2 more after this one!)

To Do List:
  • Work on home business paperwork
  • Continue to plan & advertise the Curriculum Sale for our homeschool group
  • Dog needs to be groomed...desperately!
  • Make recipe cards for the KinderArt class at co-op, print out & cut out
  • Plan out 3rd gr Math, print off visuals, & punch out/organize cardstock manipulatives
  • Laundry is overflowing. Should probably spend some time there, swimming in it.
  • Crunch time for AWANA! Both girls are about 3 sections away from finishing their books. I'm torn. This will be the first year that we haven't finished our books. On the other hand, if we really, really worked extra hard, maybe we could make it in time? Do I want to kill ourselves over this? Hmmm....
  • Organize the next two support meetings for our group. Need to finish making arrangements for our April meeting, also need to get the ball rolling on another high school meeting.


Lisa said...

I think it's ONE more co-op after this one, isn't it? Probably the wise decision to forego soccer in the spring. Wish I could forego coaching! lol Is there something I can help you do with the book sale or organizing a meeting or something?

Anonymous said...

Taking a break from soccer sounds like a great idea. You need to focus on baby building!