Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Week Ahead...

Busy week! Last week, I completed the rough draft for a 96 page web site. I'll probably have some more work to do on it, once I get feedback. So here is next week's events:

Monday: School, need to go to the library, the 8yo has AWANA games practice 6-8pm
Tuesday: nothing, glorious nothing! But we'll do school & I should prep for Thurs & Fri (a lot to do!)
Wednesday: school, both kids have AWANA 6-8:10pm
Thursday: school (whatever we can fit in), 1pm meeting with homeschool support group leaders, the 6yo has AWANA games practice (her official games were cancelled but they are doing a special one just for the kids to have fun).
Friday: homeschool co-op classes all day, and then the 8yo has a pizza party & AWANA games practice at 5:30-8pm.
Saturday: the 8yo has her official AWANA games at a different church.

Besides that, I need to -
  • communicate with web site customer and make any necessary changes, final publish
  • pull together notes for Thurs' leaders' meeting
  • pull together supplies for Movie Night class at co-op, including finding the Sound of Music on DVD instead of tape.
  • pull together supplies for KinderArt class at co-op


Anonymous said...

Well are you done yet? Hmmm.... get busy girl! I'm trying to get a handle on all my stuff too!


Lisa said...

I had the meeting on the kitchen calendar but it never made it into my computer calendar. Glad you put it on your preview!

I don't have Sound of Music on DVD, just VHS. Library?