Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Week Ahead...

I have a large web site to design for a customer next week, so any filler time will be spent doing that. The project usually takes me about 1-1.5 weeks to get the rough draft up there, and then another full week to get feedback from the customer and make corrections.

For school, I think we'll do 2 bookwork subjects, and then I'll have some independent assignments for the kids to work on: independent reading, independent writing, and a friend suggested nature studies - so if the weather is nice, I'll ship them outside with clipboard, paper, and colored pencils:)

Sunday: church, web site
Monday: school, web site, library, go visit my mom and get hair cuts (she's spending 2 days down here to visit, and leaves Tues morning)
Tuesday: school, web site
Wednesday: school, web site, pick up 2 of the 8yo's friends to take to AWANA with us (requirement for passing the next section), feed them all dinner, send them all off to AWANA
Thursday: school, web site
Friday: school, web site
Weekend: it would be great if I could finish up the rough draft of the site.

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Lisa said...

Your friend who suggested nature study is very very smart. :-) (And maybe a tad conceited) I hope the website work goes smoothly for you!