Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sleeping arrangements

In my post here, I showed a photo of my 6yo sleeping in the hallway. Well, Daddy put an end to that two nights ago, by sending her back into her bed (we were both rather tired of stepping on her, stepping over her, and accidentally kicking her every time we got up). The first night went great. Last night, however, I was awoken by another "Moooommmm?" in the night. Another spider dream.

Desperate to get back to sleep, I ask her, "do you want to sleep in the hallway tonight?"

Her response, "no, that doesn't do anything. All that does is puts me in the hallway."

Yup, it just puts you in the hallway:)

So she slept on the couch downstairs, instead.

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Lisa said...

Was the couch an improvement?