Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Baby Name Websites

As the name hunt continues, so does my ever-growing list of web sites to visit. Here are some more:

WebMD has a terrific article on Baby Naming.

Baby Namescape, located at Our365.com, and referred by WebMD's article, is oh-so-much fun! You can look up a particular hospital and find out what people are naming their babies there. My little Z-ster was almost named Serenity back in 2002, when it wasn't very popular. But the name has zoomed up the charts and showed up as #2 at one of our area hospitals. So glad we didn't name her that! (And she is NOT a "Serenity" by any stretch).

I've mentioned Appellation Mountain before, but go there again and check out the other great blogs linked in the side bars. I'm quite addicted to baby name blogs. Some of these women I'd like to throw myself at their feet, pleading (tears streaming down my cheeks) - "Please, pleeeeaaase, name my baby!" I could do worse...

And because all of this hunting for a baby name increases my blood pressure to dangerous levels (the cause of preeclampsia last time, maybe?), I need a little comedic relief. So, then I head over to the completely non name related blog Cake Wrecks.

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Lisa said...

Hey Sarah, there's a woman on one of the local homeschool email lists who has interesting names for her children. I'll list them here for you. Justice, Credence, Trinity, Epiphany, Ardor, Solace and