Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Review

I wish I had some great photos to post, but silly me - we did these awesome science experiments and I didn't take any pictures! I was so occupied with cleaning up the massive foam overflowing over the table, onto the floor, that I wasn't thinking of grabbing the camera. Oh well. Details below:

Science: we finished Unit 3 about Atoms within molecules changing. And then we tested that idea with a series of experiments. We had four cups: lemon juice, vinegar, milk, and baking soda water. We took turns mixing to see what would happen. Lemon juice and vinegar both caused the milk to curdle. Lemon juice and vinegar caused the baking soda water to bubble and fizz (all over the place! LOL) Lemon juice caused a sustained bubbling (the bubbling stayed around), whereas the vinegar bubbled, fizzed, and then went flat. We began reading Unit 4 about Acids and Bases.

History: we continued reading in Castle Diary. We learned about the "guarderooms", i.e., bathrooms in castle times. We also learned about entertaining feasts and table manners back then.

2nd/3rd Grade:
In Math, the 8yo took a test on adding/subtracting in the thousands. She began the unit on Division. She'll finish up Chapter 18 early next week, and then begin her VERY LAST CHAPTER in 2nd grade math. In Reading, she read a story over 4 days called Alex the Drummer Boy, about a kid living in America during the Revolutionary War. In English, she finished up the chapter on Adjectives, did some practice with commas in a series of adjectives, and took a test: 100%. She began the next chapter - a writing chapter - which started off with Similies (she calls them "smilies"). In Spelling, she finished the unit begun last week on words ending in x, ss, zz, ch, sh with plurals (adding -es). She wrote a very sweet Journal Entry about "The Best Day", in which she chose her sister coming home from the hospital (she was 2 at the time, so I doubt she remembers, but the thought was sweet). In Handwriting, she had to copy a poem in cursive. She also reads 1 page per day in Familiar Quotations, and picks one to copy. She's now reading a lot at bedtime on her own. She read Bunnicula, which is a 4th grade level book, and seemed to really like it. And now she is back to reading Cam Jansen books.

1st Grade:
In Math, the 6yo is getting some review on addition strategies. She's still in the "counting things" phase, so we may spend a little more time on this after she finishes her 1st gr book. In Reading...Wow, Reading...I have to turn this into a major brag post (sorry...) Although she is still learning the mechanics of reading, and her reading isn't real smooth yet, she absolutely loves reading, and has been doing 2 lessons per day! So she did 10 reading lessons instead of 5 this week. I finally understand what other moms have been trying to tell me about personality differences in kids. It isn't anything *I've* done right or wrong, she just happens to like this sort of thing. In Spelling, her words had ir, or, and ay endings. In Handwriting, she's ahead but we just keep plugging away at 1 page per day. In English/Phonics, she's practiced the oo sound (foot/moon).

Today, we're having a sleepover. We have 7yo/8.5yo friends that are sisters, and sometimes we do a kid swap. The 6yo is at their house, and their 8.5yo is at our house tonight. One of these times, I'd like to have all 4 of them over there so I can have a night alone! LOL.


MICHELE said...

Looks like another productive week!

Can I send my student over, to learn about atoms?


Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Ah yes, the baking soda and vinegar experiment. I remember it well.

Lisa said...

The science sounds fun! Next year, I'm not doing Apologia. It's too detailed for my liking in elementary school. So, for Suzy and James, we're going to do something fun!