Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Review

Tuesday had a baby doctor appointment and Friday was all day homeschool co-op classes.

History: continued to read several pages in Castle Diary. Kids were amused when I read about "the butts" (archery). Science: Finished our experiment for Unit 2, about Atoms following rules, and read through half of Unit 3. We learned that atoms are not created or destroyed, but they do change - atoms can change places when two molecules meet.

2nd/3rd grade:
The 8yo is 1 month away from finishing 2nd grade Math. She learned to add and subtract with numbers in the thousands, some regrouping involved. In Reading, she learned about handicaps such as deafness and blindness. It also had an emphasis on syllable division and finding main ideas. In English, she is almost finished with the unit on Adjectives. In Spelling, she finished the List 6 Review, and began List 7 which practices adding -es to the ends of words ending in ch, sh, ss, zz, and x. In Handwriting, she finished writing the 3 paragraph poem in cursive. For our co-op yearbook questionaire, she decided that handwriting was her favorite subject (What!???! When did this happen? LOL). She also read 5 pages from the Familiar Quotations book and copied 1 quotation each day. Our favorite quote is from the Old Testament, "Thou art the man", which is the olden days way of saying, "you're the man!" LOL.

1st grade:
In Math, the 6yo finished the chapter on non-American measurements (celcius, centimeters, liters - well, actually, Americans tend to measure things in 2-liters...) She also learned how to calculate Perimeter. Next week, she'll take a test. In Reading, she read a story called Tin Lizzie (about an early automobile that isn't quite as efficient as a horse), and also a story about 2 kid beavers that visit a dentist. In English/Phonics, she is reviewing R-controlled vowels. The Cowboy themed unit ended, and we began the unit on weather/seasons. She learned that months of the year begin with a capital letter. She somehow learned her 12 months, because she knew them instantly, even though last time we studied these at the beginning of the year, the lesson totally tanked and I didn't think she knew them. That always amazes me when things like that happen! In Spelling, she finished the list with ar, or, and long i-silent e words. In Handwriting, she completed several pages in a row, and we are ahead by a week, yay! Overall, she complained less by the end of this week about having to write words.

At Co-op, the 6yo watched a snake eat a little fish and found that fascinating! She made lots of great crafts that she was proud to show off at home. The 8yo's Creatures class learned about red eared slider turtles (the student giving the report borrowed our pet turtle, since his had died). We now know that our turtle is a girl - which the 6yo is sooo happy about.


Lisa said...

LOL about the handwriting!

Chucki the Parrothead said...

I know exactly what you mean about February. Sounds like you had a productive week though.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Ah! The February blahs and SWB even talks about it in well trained mind - Sounds like a good week,though. We are still plugging along.

Kristiana said...

I had serious January blahs, February has actually been better this year (as far as school is concerned) but it's still muddy, yucky weather and I'm so ready for spring.

Great week though, we absolutely loved Castle Diary. :)

Julia said...

We read Castle Diary and my kids thought the butts were funny too. I forgot about that until I read your blog!