Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Review

Wow, what a difference *my* attitude makes in the way our school day goes! I think I'll have another post just on this subject. So the biggest lesson learned this week was that if Mom doesn't feel like doing school, the kids won't either. (Uh, not that they ever feel like doing school, but it's much worse if Mom isn't on board! LOL).

On Monday, I had my 19-week ultrasound and the kids did some school at Grandpa's house. On Wed, we had our Valentine's Party at a bowling alley, and did not do school.

We did 1 day of Science & History this week: we did 1/2 of a science experiment in Chemistry. We used big & small marshmallows with toothpicks and tried following rules to see what different shapes we could make. The purpose of this experiment is that Atoms Follow Rules. In History, we read 2 pages of the Castle Diary.

2nd/3rd grade:
In Math, the 8yo is learning Thousands, and ended this week by adding thousands (2,342 + 1,231). In Reading, she read a story about a little girl named Zoe, who was a slave in early America. Her father was going to be sold, which would split up the family. The family escaped (Underground Railroad), and found freedom in the end. In English, she's learning about Adjectives. In Handwriting, she has a rather long 3-paragraph passage to write in cursive. It's supposed to take 3 days, but instead I've assigned 2 sentences per day, which will make it last longer (it is a rather cruel assignment for beginning cursive, LOL). In Spelling, she has review words - due to our shortened week, we're spreading this list out into next week, as well. Daddy has assigned a daily reading from our big book of Familiar Quotations, and the 8yo has to pick 1 quote to copy each day.

1st grade:
In Math, the 6yo is learning non-standard U.S. measurement (yes, we just finished this topic with the 8yo). This week involved measuring with centimeters, and liters. In Reading, she read a story about Mama' (Spanish accent, because we're getting our multicultural, language appreciation in there at the same time, LOL) having a baby. Her children Carlos, Marta, & Susita prepare for the new baby (whose name is Pedros). It seemed oddly appropriate this week:) In English/Phonics, she learned about er, ir, ur sounds in words. In Spelling, she practiced ar and or words, with some long i-silent e words. We'll carry this week's spelling into next week, due to the shortened week. In Handwriting, she had worked several pages ahead last week, so we took most of the week off of handwriting until today.


Lisa said...

I may rebel and not do a weekly review this week. lol

Anonymous said...

You have such a cute blog!

Paige said...

I love the look of your blog. You left a comment on my blog about our science notebook sheets. They are a part of the science program I have written, found at Thanks for sharing your week!