Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly Review

Tomorrow is homeschool co-op all day, so I'm adding my Weekly Review 1 day early.

History: read 2 chapters in SOTW 2; the Diaspora (scattering of the Jews), & Ghengis Khan, Mongol Conquest. We also started a book called Castle Diary, a journal from a page in a castle. Science: read through Chapter 2 in Chemistry, learning about how Atoms hook up with other Atoms to make Molecules, and that Atoms need to follow the rules. We also read about Hydrogen from The Periodic Table, Elements with Style. (The girls love the study of atoms, and like pointing out what they think are girl atoms and boy atoms. They like the girly looking atoms, of course).

Math: the 6yo took a test about large numbers 100-1000. I helped her through the test, because this was such a difficult chapter. She understands most of it, but really gets tripped up with transitions like 499-500, 239-240, 189-190, etc. Other than those great difficulties, she can take a number and go up 1, go down 1, go up 10, and go down 10. She can also add large numbers (no renaming). The 8yo finished her unit on non-American forms of measurement (celcius, grams, kilograms, & meters), and took the test today, scoring 100%.

Language Arts:
The 6yo worked several pages ahead in Handwriting, so we can skip those lessons next week, yay! She learned about synonyms in English, and R controlled vowels in Phonics (ar, or only). Spelling was a real trickster, I had to talk her through her words. But I'm very relaxed about spelling for a 1st gr 6yo. Yes, I tell her how to spell the words if she needs it, and I don't keep score, LOL. So far, my experience has been that spelling is developmental (& also some are gifted with this). I've seen my older daughter blossom in spelling quite naturally, after we took several months off of the subject. My thought is that right now I am exposing my 6yo to spelling concepts and spelling patterns. I'm happy to MOVE ON from this list, LOL.

The 8yo read a play in Reading, and then we all play-acted it. She also read a story about Mozart as a child. Today she had a "skill station" day, which focused on silent letters in words & hard/soft sound c/g. In Handwriting, she makes progress in cursive, but doesn't like it at all. Next year, I am thinking that we'll stop handwriting and start typing. In English, she had to write a story. It was supposed to have a Character, Problem, and Solution. Well...this was a bit of a stretch, so I ended up just letting her type her story on the computer all week. So far, it doesn't have a problem in it, and she can't think of a problem. And honestly, as a writer myself, I understand this perfectly. So I don't think I'll press the issue. At this age, I don't see much value in "creative writing" anyway, and think it would be better to write about things we are reading. I've seen my 8yo get better at writing in general, so no complaints. In Spelling, she gets most words right on the pretest, and has it all straightened out by Wednesday anyway. We do practice tests on Wed, and sometimes I let her escape from the final test if she got them all right on Wed. As mentioned earlier, I've seen my 8yo develop her own natural sense of spelling. Yay!


Our Westmoreland School said...

We're trying to get some natural spelling capabilities, I hope I can toot ds's horn like that some day.

Great week!

Julia said...

That's too funny about the girly looking atoms!