Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Day!

The weather was a whopping 38 degrees according to Wunderground Weather. But to us it felt like 50 degrees. The sunshine was bright and cheery, while a wonderful "drip drip" sound could be heard all around. And while its still too early to be considered Spring, it was a nice reprieve from the endless, despairing, frigid days we've had this Winter. We made good use of it by heading outdoors. My husband did some plowing with the tractor, and then we both worked on stacking up our wood piles in the garage. The kids built a snowman, but needed some help from the Dad to get the snowman stacked. Then they went hunting for sticks and things for the snowman. You can see our standard poodle in the lower right corner of the photo: she was sticking her whole face down into the snow.

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Lisa said...

Adorable snowman!!! I booted mine outside too, but I sat here and did lesson plans instead of taking photos. But at least I'll have some nice new lesson plans to show off at the meeting! lol