Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monthly Check Up - 20 weeks

I had my 20 week pregnancy check up today. The baby's heart rate was 151. The kids came with me and were able to help the doctor squeeze the jelly on my stomach and move the doppler around. I'm feeling a lot of baby kicks at times, although most of it can't be felt outside of my stomach by others yet. The nose bleeds I have had are due to pregnancy - it is an odd thing, because I have never experienced a nose bleed before. Many years of karate practice and hard punches to the nose, and yet I've never had a nose bleed...until now. Also, the feeling that I was going to pass out in church is a pretty normal phenomenon for pregnancy, as well. Oh, the joy! The doctor was able to give me some helpful tips - like stay sitting down for church, or move around a lot if I stand for awhile, and eat a protein filled breakfast, rather than a high carb one. I will have my next appointment in 4 weeks, when I will be about 24-25 weeks. After that point, I'll start having my check ups every 2 weeks, because I will be nearing the point when the pre-eclampsia hit last time.

After the appointment, the kids and I went to the bank, and the kids learned how to fill out deposit slips, count their money, and turn it in to the teller. The teller was very nice about all the backwards numbers on the deposit slips, and patient with all the loose change that added up to a mere $1.00, LOL.

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Lisa said...

I'm glad the doctor gave you "normal" reports! High protein breakfast always was hard for me, until now. Every day for six weeks now, I've had 1/2 cup of Kashi GoLean and 6 oz of light yogurt for breakfast. 12g protein, less than 200 cal. Ann Plummer's been eating 3 egg whites for breakfast for about the same amount of time. 9g protein, 41 calories. Just a couple of ideas.