Thursday, February 12, 2009

In a rut

Yesterday, at the Homeschool Valentine's Bowling Party, I was telling a friend how wonderful our school year has been going this year. What planet was I on? LOL. Obviously, I was pretty happy about taking the day off, and remembering all the good things. And, really, it has been a good year: the kids are learning bunches, we've fallen into a groove with our school books, and the 6yo is reading like gang-busters. I can't ask for more than that! But this week as been a real doozy as far as attitudes go (mine included).

We're all tired of getting to work. I've been putting school off until later hours in the day, because I just don't feel like it. The kids have been taking my attitude and compounding it, by constantly running off and playing, or complaining, or asking for one more thing first.

Every day, lately, the 6yo is either 1.) tired and can't keep her eyes open (mysteriously), 2.) hungry, or 3.) sick (mysteriously). Today she asked for a bowl for throwing up in, and had it perched by her math, and made occasional fake heaving sounds into it. Her nausea went away (mysteriously) when I gave her candies to eat during lessons, LOL.

The 8yo is complaining about math. It's teaching the concept of thousands, and so far, it's been exceptionally easy. The 6yo actually WANTS to do her sister's math because it looks cool with those giant yellow cubes. The 8yo complains that she can't, can't, can't do it. When I point and ask questions, she understands everything beautifully, and can do it quite quickly. But she just insists...

And then there's spelling. Too much writing. She was just getting so much better about writing. Her writing workload increased, and she's handled it beautifully. Until now. Now, it's too much writing.

And then there's handwriting, and reading, and grammar. All of it gets debated: can we get rid of a subject? Can we lessen the amount? Can we negotiate somehow?

Attention spans are...GONE. I have to sit there, and point, and pep talk, and get us through it until it's done. I realize I'm not saying anything mind blowing or exceptional or out-of-the-ordinary. In fact, we've had a terrific year up until now, so I feel unworthy of complaining. I'm not sure whether to "weather" this by taking a school break, doing something different, or clamping down on all of us (me included).

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It's February. 'Nuff said. LOL

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