Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goodbye, Phonetic Spelling!

My 6yo has officially entered the realm of real spelling, and has left her invented, phonetic spelling behind. I loved the independence that phonetic spelling brought. I also prided myself on being the only soul that could actually read the phonetic writing (even the 6yo herself would go cross eyed trying to figure out what she wrote). Ah, well...
Imagine, now, 2 kids constantly calling out words for me to spell. And quite often, the kids have meltdowns because I'm not spelling *their* word at exactly the moment they want it spelled. Often, the kids want a word spelled for them at the same time. Yes, I will miss those phonetic days!
Here is the 6yo's journal entry for today. Her assignment was to pretend she was a horse and write about her life. She asked me how to spell almost every single word on the page. This was the perfect assignment for her (the girl that has been obsessed with horses since the age of 2). She drew a unicorn/pegasus (I think she calls it a "unipega"), and this is her life (in case you can't read the writing):
I love my owner.
I give her rides (ribes)
She loves me too (to)
I will never forget her
I eat grass
Mmm yummy! (yumy)

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