Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Lately, I have been thinking of cloth diapers...

First, my reasons -
1. cloth diapered baby bums are absolutely adorable.
2. cloth is cheap
3. stain 'em up & you can still resell them on eBay

Notice that "green" or "save the planet" or "land fills" does not make the list? Sorry, it just isn't my cause.

I cloth diapered my first born and learned a lot through trial and error. I discovered that best of all, I like the simplicity of a prefold folded in thirds and stuck inside a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. It worked fantastically with her dimpled chubby legs. I did not cloth diaper my second, and I have no regrets there - because she was born a 2.5lb preemie, and today she's a beautiful, bright 6yo girl. Obviously, I spent my time and resources doing what was best for her, and cloth diapers didn't fit in. But I've always sort of hoped to get the chance to cloth diaper again. Weird, I know. If I had cloth diapered my 2nd, I doubt Bummis Supers would've worked for her tiny little body. She probably would've needed something with leg gussets. Those horrid Dappi wraps that I loathed probably would've been just what she needed. So I know I can't do too much planning until I see whether this one's a skinny or a pudgy:) Even so, here's what I'm thinking:

Chinese or Indian Cotton Prefolds - about 36 of these guys

About 6 of these Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in white (see top photo). Also a few cute ones in print, though I'm not sure I like the flower one below...Not too many choices for girls in the Bummis, so I may be stuck with the flowers, or the celery dots (not pictured). Part of me hoped for the chance to use Froggy Pond or Jungle (which is just too boyish to use on a girl).
If I have a wee one with skinny legs, then we'll have to go with leg gussets. Bummis has their Super Brite line that has gussets, and also there is Thirsties covers, shown below in lovely pink.
There. And now for about 18 more weeks of twiddling my thumbs...


Lisa said...

I chose cloth for cost only. No "green" influence. lol Although I did like that I wasn't filling the landfills. That didn't stop me filling the landfills with Suzy's disposables though. And James's after she was born.

I used prefolds with PINS. Gasp. And whatever diaper covers I found at yardsales. Even plastic pants! HORRORS! Again, it was the cost factor.

I've run across a lot of people spending a LOT of moolah on cloth dipes and covers. Handknitted? No thanks. It's getting POOPED on. lol

Karen said...

I went with cloth for the youngest because she had terrible allergies. After I figured out what I was doing, I wished I had discovered them for the first for all the other good reasons like saving money and reducing waste, but they are also really cute. I think pretty pink flowery wraps are perfect for her.