Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Review

...We visited a new library and got a new library card. This did a lot to boost my spirits, as I'd felt like my old library resources were wrung dry. We have a ton more books we can bring home now, and this has brought new excitement into my day. Funny how much a library means in the life of this mom!

The kids will have homeschool co-op classes all day tomorrow, and then a sleepover afterwards. Full, full day!

Here's our week in review:

History: Read about Knights and Samurai. Looked at photos of knight armor, samurai armor, and samurai gardens. Science: Ordered our PreChemistry science books and awaiting their arrival with high hopes! Math: The 8yo finished up Shapes and took a test today. She can now calculate perimeter, and count vertices, edges, and faces. The 6yo is studying big numbers. We reviewed numbers like 29, 30; 129, 130; 299, 300 - since this was tripping her up a bit. Reading: the 8yo read a neat story about bird songs, the 6yo is half way thru a story about President Lincoln and the Civil War. Spelling: we had a 3 day work week, so we are spreading our spelling out over 2 weeks. Handwriting: the 8yo continues cursive, the 6yo continues precursive. English: the 8yo learned about contractions, the 6yo worked on glossary skills and dividing up syllables. Extras: the 8yo practiced piano. I had the kids write a letter to their great-grandma who is spending the winter in Florida. Great-g'ma can't hear very well, so hopefully she will enjoy reading our letters.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the second library card. We also use two libraries pretty regularly. I LOVE libraries!

Rhonda said...

It looks like a great week. I love that your kids wrote a letter to great grandma. I'm sure she'll love that.
I hear you about the library card. Our library has a limit of 4 books per child and I can check out only 6-it is really frustrating.
I would love it if we had another library to choose from.
~Have a great week-end!~

Michelle said...

A change of library for us recently has made a huge difference in my kids enthusiasm! I'm glad you found a new "home".

Our Westmoreland School said...

I think my family's favorite part of us homeschooling would be the letters. Unexpected letters from those you love are always a great surprise.

You've had a good, busy week.

I envy your library card :(

Tonia said...

Looks like a good week. Two library memberships here as well! Must be a homeschooling thing! ;0)

Have a nice weekend!