Monday, January 26, 2009

Two weeks away...

We're two weeks away from knowing a gender for this little creature. The ultrasound is Feb 9th, and we're dying to know. Will we love a boy? Yes! Will we love a girl? Yes! But somehow the little "it" is missing something when "it" is just an "it". I'm into the 17th week, feeling good, overeating, but trying to stop myself:) It's a pretty normal pregnancy. I think I'm feeling movement, specifically when I put pressure on "it" and "it" squirms away, making a hard lump elsewhere. Funny, my kids all had their own quirks in-utero. Little Z couldn't stand a full bladder - she'd go spastic unless I went to the bathroom regularly. Little A liked to dance around to singing at church, and we'd watch in amazement as my stomach did some pretty alien tricks during the songs.

Let's talk about pregnancy food cravings! My cravings are pretty hum-drum. I have a total aversion to vegetables (I used to love a good stir fry, but now I can't stand it). I like fruit, which isn't typically something I enjoy all that much outside of pregnancy. I craved roast beef sandwiches and steak with my 2nd pregnancy. Just like when you get the stomach flu and you blame it on the last food you ate, I tend to blame preeclampsia on roast beef. I can tolerate it this time around, but its definitely not my favorite. I'd rather play it safe and avoid it. This time around I'm not real fond of meat. Eggs are good, and I can tolerate meat, but not too keen on most of it. Right now I'm enjoying honey turkey lunchmeat sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce and mayonnaise. I had a big time aversion to coffee (the love of my life, coffee...) at first, but I am happily over it, and drinking coffee again (although opting for a friendlier decaf variety).


melanie said...

Hello dear friend! I can't believe you are already 17 weeks along in your pg. How exciting!! I can't wait to find out if you're having a girl or a boy. The girls must be so excited about it all!

With lots of continued prayers for a safe pregnancy,

Lisa said...

Wow, almost halfway! I loved finding out Suzy's gender, though she was the only one I found out with. I had no weird cravings or food issues in any pregnancy. Just give me more of all of it!