Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Rewards of Discipline

...So, my 8yo joins the 6yo's playing, but it immediately develops into a tempest of angry disagreement. The 6yo is unable to get a word in edge-wise, while the 8yo starts yelling, stomping, and dictating. Finally, the 8yo kicks the toy over and says "fine, I'm not playing". I banish the 8yo to her bedroom for 10 minutes for her hot temper (this has been a common occurance lately). While the 8yo is gone, the 6yo is busy. She grabs a plastic bag and starts stuffing things into it. I'm not really paying attention at this point, being occupied in the kitchen. The 8yo comes down the stairs at the end of 10 minutes, and the 6yo hands her the plastic bag happily. Well, it was a surprise for her, and was meant to make her feel better. The 8yo is overjoyed to see a rather large stash of her little sister's candy: several small chocolate bars and a pack of bubble gum. I wasn't exactly sure what happened here, but I'm pretty sure a different lesson was learned, LOL. But it was kind of sweet, I suppose, that the 6yo would sacrifice so much of her candy to cheer up her big sister.

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Karen said...

this is a sweet story. your kids sound terrific.