Thursday, January 29, 2009


I had my doubts about teaching chemistry to young kids, but we've all been really interested in it (so far). I'll share some of my Chemistry resources...

Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry PreLevel 1 - as reviewed previously. The Periodic Table, Elements with Style! by Adrian Dingle and Simon Basher (see photo above). My kids love this book! They really like seeing the personified elements. We just started reading through this book, along with our Real Science 4 Kids book.

Tom Lehrer's Elements Song:
The 6yo laughed when she saw Mendeleeve's mouth open and close, and then when his head went bouncing over the words.

It is only our 1st week on Chemistry, but so far it's been fun! Who knew???


MICHELE said...

Thanks for posting the links... this is all new to me. I never learned any of this in school!


Julia said...

Thanks for the link. We're well into chemistry, but I'm sure my kids will enjoy that when they get home.