Saturday, October 18, 2014

A 14 yo

My oldest turned 14 yesterday and I'm so proud of her for the young woman of God she has become.

She was a snuggily little baby, who was happy as long as she was held or fed.

She was a cautious, observant toddler. Not shy, she liked people and social activities, but preferred to watch from my lap.

She hated the unpredictable. Rolling over as a baby was frightening! Slides at the park were terrifying. Even now, rollercoaster rides are horrible, but kiddie rides are fun!

She didn't need many toys to amuse her. Christmas and birthday gift shopping was difficult; however, time with family and friends was invaluable.

This is the child I didn't know how to discipline or teach. She'd suffer any consequence with stoic determination - sure of her own justification. This also meant I never had to worry about peer pressure, or going along with the crowd. She did whatever she thought was good, right, and fair - but in her own good timing, and in her own good way.

Today, she is confident in who she is and what she believes. She is hardworking and self-motivated. I can trust her to organize, manage, and perform tasks well. She has an amazing logic that simplifies things. She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks.

It is a joy to be with her - I enjoy her company (except during math, but that's a separate blog post for another day). I marvel that this same chubby baby grew into an obstinate and challenging 6 year old, but then matured into this strong, responsible young woman she is today. I'm excited to see where God takes her next.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekly Review

A (13-turning 14, 9th grade):
Met for Week 6 CC Challenge A.

Math: in class: graphing.  At home: MUS Lesson 25, square roots of polynomials, and difference of 2 squares (x^2 - y^2), and using difference of 2 squares to solve problems like 35 x 35, or 17 x 13.

Geography: Central America, also draw 1 map of North and Central Americas together in color.

Rhetoric: should have 15 catechism questions memorized.  Discussion about Pangaea and how mountains were formed.  It Couldn't Just Happen and Fallacy Detective chapters read.

Latin: 2nd Declension, many exercises this week!  She pushed too many exercises onto Wednesday and was left scrambling to get it all done.  She dictated to me and I wrote many of them to help her out.  Many warnings were issued that she'd stay on top of it next time. She had a pop quiz last week in class and scored 100% yay!

Literature/Writing: Last week of Carry On Mr Bowditch, studied parallelism in writing (preview of next week).  Sorted her ANI Chart and organized her arguments into categories (something about "should paper have been torn to wrap medicines?" She likes to pick obscure topics to challenge herself).

Research/Science:  the assignment was to write about a tree.  She chose the ice cream bean tree.  Wrote 2 KWO from 2 sources, fused KWO, and 1 paragraph.  Drew a sketch to accompany the paragraph and a bibliography.

This will be her last full week as a 13 year old:)

Z (11-turning 12 next month, 7th grade)
Math: Started book 2 of Horizons 6th gr.  Covered multiplication of fractions, including improper and mixed.  I taught her how to cancel/simplify before multiplying because she *hates* reducing to lowest terms.

Geography: working on the east coast, we've moved up and over to states and capitals including MI, IN, OH, KY, and TN.

Science: read about the lungs in Apologia this week.

Essentials of the English Language (EEL): copied 2 charts of her choice, diagrammed and analyzed 2 sentences.  Simple Interrogatives were our topic this week.

IEW: wrote a 3 paragaph KWO and brainstormed words we could use in our writing.  She'll finish up the writing next week (we have a week break, so we're spreading out the workload).

CC Memory work.  Experiment was about skin flaking (ew!).  Art project was perspective drawing.

G (5, K)
Did CC memory work on Monday.  Read some 100 Easy Lessons this week.  Her mission in Math is to write numbers 1-10, so we practiced on the whiteboard.  Later in the week, we started back in her workbook and she completed a few lessons.  She's beginning to develop a strong sense of "noooo, I don't want to" which is making AWANA difficult (and Math and Reading, and anything else she decides she either wants to do her way, or not at all).  Fun times.  Speaking of which, she got one verse done for AWANA.  One more and she can get her vest.

She's having many big temper tantrums to get her way (more fun).  She has a new, deeper understanding of death, and has many worries, anxieties, and questions about it.  It comes up out of the blue.  I don't know how to help her feel better or answer her questions.  I remember when my other children hit this stage.  I often wonder if the temper tantrums and clinginess are part and parcel to the newfound realities and fears that they feel.  Growing up is rough:(  I love her through it as best I can.  It is not an easy topic for any human being to wrestle with.  She also had a cold with occasional stomach upset this week.  I'm sure that fed into some of our behavior issues, too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My cc board

I thought I'd post a photo of my board at church before class started on Monday. It's pretty simple: memory work goes up on the board, we repeat it 7xs, and then it gets erased. That's the beauty of it: so simple a caveman could do it (using cave walls and whatever they wrote with back then).
Please ignore the little girl drawing her dream house under all our memory work:)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

CC Flipbook

So, I'm not one of those cool moms that makes neat things for her kids. I'm not that creative pinterest mom that pulls together a crafty education and a crockpot dinner. But every once in awhile, I attempt the jump into the creative mom stratosphere. Mostly I just land on my tailbone. However, this CC flipbook? Totally cool mom, pinterest worthy.

I got a mini photo album from the dollar store.

On CC Connected, I downloaded the flipbook pdf from username melodystroud (thanks, Melody - you rock!). Print and cut to size.

I also downloaded the flipbook map pages from Tierney (thank you, Tierney: you've rescued us from another day of skipping geography for lack of a map). Print and cut.
Then I loaded my book. Each week gets a map. This is making the difference in our school each week. It travels. It quizzes. It dices vegetables. Even the dog likes it! (See the chew marks? I might be making another one soon. Sigh.)

The CC Flipbook has been a successful project, I might attempt a pinterest crock pot dinner or maybe something baked in a muffin tin.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Review

Been awhile since I wrote a weekly review.  I'd love to get back into the habit.

A (almost 14, 9th grade)
Met for Week 5 of Challenge A on Thursday.  
Math: Finished Lesson 24 of MUS Algebra, factoring polynomials.  She brought 2 example problems in to share at class.  Our Challenge A campus has a wide variety of math knowledge and levels, but I love that she can learn from this, and that math laws and steps are repeated and reviewed.

Literature/Writing:  She composed a 15 point ANI Chart (it's a Lost Tools of Writing thing) from Carry On Mr Bowditch.  She selected "Whether Dr. Stearns should have torn up paper for his customers" as her issue.  It is a tiny 1 paragraph event in the beginning of the book, but she successfully explored all the pros and cons of the issue!

Science/Research:  the assignment was to research herbs.  She chose cocoa beans.  She wrote notes from 2 sources, fused her notes into one outline, and wrote her paper.  Students also must draw a sketch to go along with their papers and provide a bibliography.

Geography/Debate: Week 2 of U.S.A.  I should start sharing pictures of her maps.  I'm always impressed by how much she puts into her maps.

Rhetoric: Red Herrings were explored in Fallacy Detective.  Extinction of the dinosaurs and the earth as a pangaea was debated from It Couldn't Just Happen.

Latin: she did several exercises from Lesson 2, 2nd Declension nouns.

Z (11, 7th grade)
Met for Week 4 of CC Foundations/Essentials
Math: Horizons 6th gr math was just dragging on...and on...and on...She seemed to know the concepts but we were both dreading math, arguing over it, and avoiding it.  It seemed we were falling further behind, although her capabilities were so much more.  So I let her test out of Chapter 7 and 8.  She needed a quick, short tutorial on dividing decimals by adding zeros in order to not have a remainder, and dividing fractions to get a decimal, but she caught on super quick.  On to book 2!  I'm hoping to keep her going at a quick pace, so we don't get so bogged down.  After Book 2, she'll move into PreAlgebra (but hopefully not Horizons.  No.  Not Horizons.)

English Grammar:  Imperatives.  I'm giving her the advanced sentences from Essentials of the English Language (EEL).  She copied 4 charts from EEL. 

Writing: IEW - Writing Lessons from U.S. History.  She had to write 2 poems in order to explore strong action verbs in place of linking verbs (were, was, is).  I am giving her the challenge writing assignments, too, since she is 7th grade and the oldest student (by 1 month!) in the class:)  That means she has homework this weekend.  She'll write a 1 paragraph essay about the Salem Witch Trials.

Map: She still needs to draw a map of the U.S. this weekend.  She's working on the east coast right now.

Science: she's reading through Apologia's Human Anatomy and Physiology.

G (5, K)
Read a few little books at bedtime aloud to us.  She finished the next 2 verses for Awana and is learning how to read them as she memorizes them.  We worked on writing numbers 1-10.  She learned how to ride her bike without training wheels last Sunday evening.

Z & G: because we do CC Foundations, much of our history and other subjects are mastered through the memory work.  We practiced Schole by walking the dog and reciting our memory work on our walks.

Our small town had a big weekend event with parade and petting zoo
This is the face I see every day.  She is bored and is saying "play with me"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My map

I'm drawing maps along with the kids. Here's my free hand drawing of the U S (eastern portion is almost memorized - yay!) I'm pretty proud of myself.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kindergarten update

The kindergartener is pretty motivated, which is a great thing; often she drives our school day when I am less than motivated.
She's doing great with her awana verses. Here she is writing part of her 1st verse on the whiteboard - "s is for savior" (this was entirely her idea). She was well prepared to say her verses last night at awana, and eager to learn new verses this morning.
And I'm just so thankful that she gets these academic ideas!
Somedays she gets frustrated by writing or reading, so I encourage as best I can and end things on a high note. We put it away and drop it for a spell. Eventually she comes back to it and masters it (like making the letter D).